Educating Children with Scratch

Almost all schools around the world nowadays teach programming and one of the considered most basic and easiest programming language being taught to children is a computer language named scratch and you could probably see a bunch of tutorials on Youtube and on other sites. This program was developed by MIT lab and was released on 2006 and upon its release the developers of scratch aimed to help people understand how programming is done by using scratch and it’s easy, user friendly features. This program isn’t limited to programming only, since it’s market aim of age was meant for kids, the made it a point that this program won’t only help kids understand programming but also motivate them by having fun with other features of scratch. Some of the activities you could do on scratch is animations, simulation, computer games, interactive projects, graphic designs, music projects, storytelling, programming concept and many more.

Not only will children be aware of how programming is done but they will also develop more complex minds since there are other activities you could do with scratch and each one of those activities could help your children even if their chosen career won’t be related to computers. And furthermore, scratch program’s activities offer’s more stimulation for children to succeed in their goal. Patience is the key with making programs and in scratch you also have fun making your own program because they use blocks and each block different colors in order to segregate what order you would like for your character to do. And you need not worry if you don’t get this right, there are a lot of scratch tutorials when you search the net especially video tutorials or you could always go to scratch’s community page and there you’ll see an assortment of projects done by different people. You could see how well done their work is and you could also ask questions there.

It’s a guarantee, though, that after you make your very first program you would be interested to make another because it’s very satisfying- the feeling you get when you succeeded on a goal. But there are always hurdles you need to go through to before you achieve success. And like all things complex, this program still requires trial and error, but as I’ve said, you need not worry if your work isn’t perfect since this there are other’s there still working their way through the program. But if you practice often enough you’ll get the hang of it and eventually you will be interested in doing the other activities to your liking that scratch is offering. What’s great is that you get to compare your work with other people if you sign up for the scratch projects online community. There, you’ll meet and even get to know more about the people who are interested in making programs. You could even get tips and tidbits from other people. Scour the information about scratch programming if you want to enrich you knowledge about it, there are unlimited scratch tutorials you could use that can be found on the internet, and in the long run you’ll be thankful when you learn those things because with every different programs you make you’ll feel a great sense of fulfilment and ownership that’s the result of such simple programming.

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