Learn and Play with Scratch Program

Scratch programming can be a challenge for kids but there are many scratch program tutorials on the internet you could take information from. There are so many activities you could do on scratch. Take for example animation or better yet computer game making. See, what makes scratch such a great past time for kids is that it’s easy and fun to use and at the same time they do the math and solve puzzles because instead of typing scripts scratch projects function by moving blocks of coded directions and within those blocks are blank spaces where you are to provide data in order to make your character move. It also helps you be more creative since the blocks are formed like puzzle pieces and differs in colors depending on what order you would like to be done by your character.

You could also go wild on creating your own character. There are so many things to consider on the process of making your own program ad one of the most use activities being done on scratch is computer game making. Games are popping left a right nowadays and it’s constantly booming to the young people. Well you could also make your own games by using scratch program. It may not be as perfect as other programming language but it’s a start. As you go along the way you’ll learn more complex programs but first comes first. In scratch, you don’t really need a crash course on this because there are numerous scratch program tutorials you could find if you scour the internet. You’ll soon learn that making games not only require creativity and patience but also wit and a basic knowledge on mathematics. It’s really satisfying, thought, when you finish your very first project. But anyway, like any story table you need a plot for your game or storyline. And also, there’s the characters. You could always make your own character since one of the features scratch offers is introducing you to a visual environment as much as what the typical computer programming environment is. And if you are feeling a bit lazy you could always import images from your computer to the program. Scratch accepts image formats like .jpeg/.gif/.bmp/.png and you could also edit the images you import.

Make sure that the character you choose will make people notice your work, enough to play with it and have fun. Once you finish with your program you’ll feel a sense of instant success as a programmer. You don’t really have to worry if your game isn’t as good as the others. The main goal is to have some knowledge on scratch programming and how to make your very own game. And besides, there are so many scratch program tutorials there at your disposal. It’s better to learn along the way than plunge straight ahead on what you couldn’t take responsibility or have the knowledge of yet, so one step at a time and always remember to have fun at what you do.

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